House Kalafatas Challita
House Kalafatas Challita is in suburban Sydney. The original house is a charming and modest 1950s bungalow. Tribe’s scheme involved minor rearrangement to the interior of the existing house, the demolition of some add-ons to the rear and a new living pavilion.

The new structure is a robust, rustic brick form with a steep skillion roof, referring to the common suburban typology of the rear-yard lean-to. Where the old house is fiddly and quaint, the new is robust and informal, creating a new locus of family activity.

Reuse of existing built form, and recycling of existing building materials create a solid ESD underpinning to the project . Large sliding timber doors are used throughout to change the operation of the spaces. A study within the living room can be fully concealed. A door can hide the TV and play equipment, or move to block off the hallway for efficient heating, or move again to shut out sun in summer. Using this strategy of adaptability achieves more program in less space, again adding to the passive sustainability credentials of the house and retaining the generous proportion of garden to house.

Photography by Peter Bennetts

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